Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Examples of how EMR User Interfaces may look in the future

As I was putting up the post about "The Medical Record as Nutrition labels" - it reminded me of the "new" EMR User Interfaces I put together a few months ago (with the help of some very talented graphical designers).

First is a way to think of the problem list as a series of circles or boxes whose color and size each had meaning, and whose relationship to one another was made obvious. Here are two examples:

The next is a problem list that is even more fanciful in using graphical visualization to represent each diagnosis and its acuity and importance:

And finally, here are two views of how to pull all the data together to explain a patient with respect to their diagnosis of hypertension (i.e. one page that brings together meds, labs, tests, history, physical, and plan about a single disease entitity):


  1. Thanks for the writeup and post.

  2. I've put together a demo illustrating what's possible today to do re: your first example above. Not sure where it's appropriate, here or in your health 2.0 challenge.

    Please view at: